Project Accra

In the centre of Accra in Ghana, young women come from small villages all over hoping for greener pastures, just to find that in Accra there is no work for them.

They end up sleeping on the streets, are raped, forced in to prostitution, drug & alcohol abuse and often having baby’s that are left stranded because they can’t care for them. 

Help for women desires to be part of the resolve for the dire need by building a facility big enough to create shelter, rehabilitation, and education for women.  Empowering them to reach their God given potential. 

In the Centre of Accra we are in the process of buying  a large piece of land and in March 2022 we are starting to build a 2 story facility that can house 10 women at a time, giving them and oppertunity to undergo a two year transformation program.  We believe that all these women need is an oppertunity to become the best versions of themselves. 

The program will include the following processes. 

1. Shelter: The women entering our program will be housed in the new facilitation centre. We will provide their meals and sanitary needs will be met. Should they have a child accompanying them they will also be taken care of in this facility. 

Children ages 0-4 will attend an on premise day care. Children 4 years and older will be taken to school. 

2. Rehabilitation: The women will receive counseling and coaching through any trauma they might have encountered. 

3. Training in to vocation: We have training courses in Hairdressing, clothing making, IT, teaching and farming that the women can choose from. 

4. Once the women have gone through all the above mention, they will be sent in to society as a self sustainable women. Strong and courages ready to impact her generation.

We believe with the help of generous people we can impact the nation of Ghana.  Partner with us in building this facility to revive the lives and dreams of young women in Ghana. You can do so by clicking on our donation page and gift any amount towards changing these women's lives. 

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