Project Shaddai

Proj. Shaddai

Project Shaddai has evolved from our initial focus on assisting women through Project Accra, where we observed that many of these women were also mothers. Recognizing the need to support both women and their children, we have introduced “Project Shaddai.”

Project Shaddai is designed to serve as both a daycare and school for children aged 0-6 years. The location in Kasoa is marked by significant poverty and underdevelopment. In this area, the existing schools are few and and too far of a walking distance for the children to access them easily.

To address this issue, we plan to construct a building with two classrooms: one dedicated to daycare for children aged 0-4 years and the other for the first school year, catering to those aged 4-6 years. Classes are scheduled to commence in January 2024, with 30 children already registered, and an anticipation of many more.

Our initiative extends beyond traditional education, incorporating Saturday sports activities and community clean-up events, providing not only education but also fostering a sense of community and responsibility. Recognizing challenges in providing healthy meals, we plan to establish a school canteen offering nutritious and diverse meals daily.


  • Container Construction.

We are utilizing container construction which is more affordable and sustainable than a traditional building. This will help us build the school sooner.


  • Comprehensive Educational Plan.

We are offering an educational plan that focuses on recognizing and nurturing each child’s individual strengths and abilities.


  • Community-Building Activities.

By organizing community events and initiatives, we aim to create a positive and supportive atmosphere for their growth.


  • Nutritious School Canteen.

We understand the importance of proper nutrition for the development of children. To address this, we have established a school canteen committed to serving healthy and nourishing meals, ensuring that every child receives the essential nutrients for their well-being.

We believe with the help of generous people we can impact the nation of Ghana.  Partner with us in building this facility to revive the lives and dreams of young women in Ghana. You can do so by clicking on our donation page and gift any amount towards changing these women's lives. 

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