Beatrice & Her Son


Beatrice who came from Bolgatanga, northern part of Ghana to Accra (the capital city) for greener pastures ended up in a small ghetto with the Mother and her son. All she does for a living is to keep roaming in the market squared in the quest to carrying on her head, loads (goods and items purchased by people) to their various destinations for a small amount of money. On one faithful day, Rev. Sandra, CEO/Founder of Help For Women spotted her (Beatrice) who was at the verge of carrying their items with her usual pan on her head, and upon engagements it was discovered that Beatrice at her age, is the one taking care of the mother and her son. She is hardworking young lady, intelligent and optimistic. Presently, she is burdened and depressed considering the nature of her work and the kind of treatment and toucher they go through in the small ghetto. She however, requested for sponsorship and support to enable her enroll for an apprenticeship in DRESS MAKING and also provide the necessary care for her son. ARE YOU READY to help Beatrice and the son?

Your monthly gift/donation of 50€ for each of them will support Beatrice during and after her apprenticeship in DRESS MAKING and also provide a life-changing interventions such as access to Formal Education, medical care and other life essentials to her little boy.

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